Developed for low risk families, we focus on enhancing family functioning by assessing their concerns and connecting them to the appropriate resources in the community to address their needs.  The goal is to assist families by improving parenting skills and linking to sustainable resources while focusing on the children's needs.  Children's needs will be addressed to assist with community engagement which includes strengthening self-esteem, enhance peer relationships, assure appropriate engagement at school, assist with engaging in community activities, address issues of truancy, develop independence and improved sense of well-being.

Juvenile Probation

This program follows the goals of BARJ (Balance and Restorative Justice).  Additionally, Homestead Family Services will perform random curfew checks, random drug screens as needed, and assist the Juvenile Probation Department with any other tasks needed for the success of each client.


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Family Preservation

This time limited service is family-based and child focused.  The goal is to assist families by improving parenting skills, linking to sustainable resources and assisting with family functioning while keeping children safe.  All contact with the family is done in the community.  The contact is family driven, providing them with ownership and control of the care provided to them.  Homestead Family Services provides alternative solutions to avoid expensive out of home care, while maintaining youth in a safe and stable environment conducive to well-being, and physical and emotional development.  Homestead Family Services build upon strengths of children, and the belief that they can be safely protected and treated within their own homes when families are provided with the resources, skills and support to empower change in their lives.

Intensive Intake Supervision

This program is a high impact service that provides immediate support to the child welfare system with a concentration on cases at the initial assessment level.   An Intensive Intake Staff attends the initial face to face interaction with the children and youth worker and family.  At that contact a basic needs assessment is completed with the family and is approved by the county worker.  The Intensive Intake Staff provides case management and therapeutic interventions to support and guide the family to healthy sustainability.  We provide 24/7 crisis management services and provide care during non-traditional hours.  Families are expected to be involved in this program for 60 days.